With the support of Beijing Tourism Administration and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, the Liyuan theatre was jointly established by Beijing Qianmen Hotel and Beijing Peking Opera Theatre in October in 1990, and it was the first teahouse standing-room-only in Beijing. On stage, all the male roles, female roles, painted roles and clowns’ outstanding performance comes from their real ability. The Liyuan Theatre obtained the title of ‘the best night activity place’ from Beijing tourism forbidden cup for 7 consecutive years.


Autumn River



Eighteen Arhats fight Monkey-king




Chinese Peking Opera called Oriental opera, is genuine Chinese national treasure. It ‘s named Peking Opera because it’s formed in Beijing. Peking Opera is more than 200 years old, in which its fountainhead can be dated back to old local operas, especially Anhui Opera, which was very popular in northern China in the 18th century. In 1790, the first Anhui Opera troupe came into Beijing to participate in the emperor's birthday performance……[查看更多]


  • 《天女散花》
  • 《霸王别姬》
  • 《贵妃醉酒》
  • 《坐宫》
  • 《三岔口》
  • 《盗库银》
  • 《盗仙草》
  • 《拾玉镯》
  • 《秋江》
  • 《十八罗汉斗悟空》